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Energy Services

Reduce Energy Costs and Meet Energy Code Compliance

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FSG’s energy program removes the complexity of managing compliance for energy usage, HVAC, lighting and IoT devices across many sites.

Energy Services

Take control of your energy management with the right tools and service.

Custom notifications

Custom notifications to ensure equipment and site compliance

Solar installation and maintenance

Solar installation and maintenance

Remote setpoint management

Remote setpoint management and setting schedules

Automated demand response

Automated demand response

Predictive data analytics

Predictive data analytics

24/7 monitoring

World-Class, 24/7 Monitoring

FSG can help your business at any stage of energy management.

The FSG energy program aims to aid businesses in their efficiency journeys through five steps.


  • Building Management System
  • Energy Efficiency Objectives
  • Policy / Standards Defined and Enforced
  • City/Govt/State regulation or code requirements


  • Energy Policy Guidelines and Compliance Program
  • Energy Usage Reporting, Trend Analysis
  • 24x7 Call Center
  • Ongoing Commissioning and Compliance
  • Sub-Metering - visibility to Tenants
  • Energy Savings - ADR, Peak Shaving, Incentives and Rebates


  • Predictive Analytics - weather data, equipment failure prediction
  • Auto setpoint changes - turn sprinkler off if raining, turn off HVAC if area unoccupied
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Plug-load and circuit level monitoring
  • Advanced Compliance Program - energy codes compliance - ASHRAE 90.1, California Title 24 - Part 6


  • Solar Panels
  • Use grid during low energy production
  • Feed surplus energy back to grid
  • Batteries optional
  • Solar Thermal power usage


  • 100% renewable energy
  • Battery Storage
  • Micro-Grid on site
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Reduce Energy Costs
  • Increase building system efficiencies to slash energy and operational costs.
  • Participate in advanced programs like automated demand response and peak shaving.
Energy Code Compliance
  • Ensure buildings meet all national, state and local energy codes.
  • Work toward additional energy certifications such as LEED.
Equipment Maintenance
  • Remotely adjust set-points and schedules for active equipment monitoring.
  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance spend through real-time alarms and remote issue resolution.
Corporate Responsibility
  • Improve comfort and safety of employees and occupants.
  • Build brand awareness as a sustainable, eco-friendly company.

Keep up with governmental and corporate standards or launch your own energy policy.

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